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Central Illinois Fire Prevention Week 2017

Central Illinois Fire Prevention Week 2017: Make Every Second Count
According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Fire Prevention Week is October 8 – 14, 2017.President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the first National Fire Prevention Week in 1925, in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire . The event left more than 250 people injured, 100,000 homeless, destroyed more than 17,400 structures, and burned...
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Sweet Corn Blues Festival Selfie Contest with the Menold Bear

Have Weekend Plans?      Ready to enter? Click here now! In case you're looking for something to do this weekend, we've got the perfect solution: The Uptown Normal Sweet Corn Festival ! Sidewalk sales, arts, crafts, and flea market vendors await along with 50,000 ears of corn that will fill the roundabout and surrounding Uptown space...
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Summer Storms and Residential Storm Damage Restoration in the Midwest

Summer Storms and Residential Storm Damage Restoration in the Midwest
If you live in Illinois, you know this summer we've experienced severe storms, one right after another. Severe storms may become dangerous, especially the ones we experience, and it is crucial to know the different types of storm damage and how they can impact the places we call home. If your home is left untreated, damage from pounding rain, hail,...
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What You May Not Realize About Bathroom Remodeling and Water Damage

  When we make the decision to remodel our homes, it's because we want positive change. For some, this is easily accomplished, but for others, changing up the old can reveal a dark, nasty mess underneath. In the case of bathroom remodels this is especially true. Homeowners who contract a remodeling project can find mold and water damage underneath layers of tile, in the plumbing, and even in the walls! This is no reason to delay your remodeling dreams! In fact, Menold Remodeling Services loves handling projects like this because we are highly experienced in both restoration and remodeling services. We truly remodel the foundation and the surface of homes, especially the bathroom. A modern bathroom is not possible without comprehensive construction. We will clean up existing water and mold damage and we don't stop there; we also take necessary steps to prevent future water and mold from wrecking your home.

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Forget Everything You Learned About the Effect of Mold in Your House and Your Pet Now

Forget Everything You Learned About the Effect of Mold in Your House and Your Pet Now
Menold Offers Tips to Keep Pets Safe When Mold is Found in Your Home Keeping your home safe from the elements is a necessity; especially when you have little ones or pets roaming around your humble abode. Moisture is a common enemy to homeowners and is one of the sneakiest predators. It has the potential to cause sickness to you, your family, and e...
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